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Alexander Scott-Wilds: Let ‘Em Eat Cake Occasion Coat

Name: Alexander Scott-Wilds

Age: 21

From: Maidenhead, Berkshire

Design Title: Let ‘Em Eat Cake Occasion Coat

How do you feel about being a finalist in the 2016 Fashion Design Competition?: I’m ecstatic, I was in genuine shock when I found out I was a finalist, I’m grateful for the opportunity to showcase my work and to have my designs appreciated and recognised by industry professionals. I look forward to showing my piece on the catwalk, as there is no other feeling like it.

What does ‘style’ mean to you?: Style to me is a core component to someone’s identity, you can learn a lot about someone from how they dress and present themselves. Style is a big melting pot of influences and ideas, whether it be cultural, historical or social. And it is constantly evolving which fascinates me, I enjoy looking at the historical context of clothing and how we’ve adapted/subverted style for modern use.

Who is your style icon?: I have many Icons; they quite often change depending on what I’m currently inspired by, but they usually are iconic women in history. For this particular project I was inspired by notable 18th century figures: Marie Antoinette, Madame de’Pompadour and The Duchess of Devonshire among others. I’m drawn to larger than life personas, who seem unreal, and are removed from the context of everyday life. Glamour and exuberance are common themes throughout my work.

Please summarise the concept behind your design in one sentence? Let ‘em Eat Cake is a culmination of ideas, predominately its aesthetically inspired by the fashions of 18th Century French courts, it tells a story of beautiful, debaucherous, gender-fluid, aristocratic individuals, set in a glorious Rococo palace, envisioned as if it were a Disco soirée, sometime in the far future; It really is as far removed from reality as possible.

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