Spring Time Fun this Easter Holiday

The Liberty’s Spring Time Fun this Easter Holiday

Hop into spring with our themed activities this Easter School Holiday!

This Easter holiday from Monday 5th April, let your kids get creative with everything from arts & crafts to a word search and story time with The Liberty Shopping Centre.

Here are our spring themed tasks:

Task 1

The 2nd April marks a year since the launch of Tiana’s Tales! A year later and spring has sprung once again, so why not try making Tiana’s bright and cheerful 3D flowers?

Step 1 – Draw your flower stems with a green pen on a piece of paper

Step 2 – On a different piece of paper, draw petal shapes in pencil

Step 3 – Colour them in with bright petal colours

Step 4 – Cut them out

Step 5 – Get some glue and cover the back of the petal

Step 6 – Stick your petals in a flower shape at the top of the stems

Step 7 – Get a small bottle top (milk bottle would work great!) or Draw a small circle in pencil

Step 8 – If you don’t have a bottle top, colour your circle in a different colour to the petals

Step 9 – Stick your bottle top or coloured in circle in the middle of your petals

Task 2

Get creative with our selection of spring themed colouring sheets. When you have finished, choose your favourite and ask your parent or guardian to stick it up somewhere around the house!

Task 3

Can you spot our 12 spring themed words within our Word search?

Task 4 

Listen to Tiana as she tells the story of Hope the rainbow fairy, who has a special job in Fairyland: she spreads colour and rainbows!

Take part in our fun treasure hunt for your chance to be entered into our prize draw to win our amazing prize bundle.

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