Environmental Policy

environmental policyEnvironmental Policy Statement

An environmental management system (EMS) has been developed and implemented at The Liberty Shopping Centre, covering the management and operation of the shopping centre, in accordance with requirements established in the international standard – ISO 14001:2004. This policy statement documents the core principles and operating conditions of the EMS.

The Liberty Shopping Centre is committed to continual improvement and pollution prevention. Objectives and targets will be established and reviewed on a defined periodic basis. These will seek to address (amongst other issues) the following key aims:

  • Improvement of waste management and focus on waste minimisation.
  • Improvement of energy efficiency within the centre buildings.
  • Improvement of awareness and understanding of environmental issues amongst employees, contractors, tenants and visitors.

The Liberty Shopping Centre is committed to ensuring compliance with legal and other requirements (which include requirements prescribed by centre owners).

This document will be communicated and explained to all employees and staff working at The Liberty Shopping Centre, it will also be displayed at appropriate locations around the shopping centre and will be freely available to the Public.

Centre Manager

Simon Plumb