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Alice Oluyitan – What Does Heaven Look Like?

Name: Alice Oluyitan

Age: 26

From: London

My Garment: An outfit representing a vision of heaven

What Style Means To Me: I am a new designer and absolutely love to design clothes that embody fun, imagination and happiness. I believe style is about being bold, individual and having the confidence to wear pieces that stand out. This is why my design entry is colourful, bright and unique.

My Concept: The design was inspired by the thought ‘I wonder what heaven looks like?’ This brought me to imagine a place where anything and everything would be possible, the most beautiful place on earth times by 100 billion, where flowers fall from the skies like rain and emit the most glorious light. A place where angels’ wings are full of bright flowers and multi-coloured, diamond stars. A place where the heavenly skies flicker like a disco ball. These ideas influenced the metallic gold and pink fabric of my design. The embroidery on the top is a motif of angel wings with flowers and beaded stars. The shape of the top and skirt were inspired by matching cheerleader outfits and oversized t-shirts, as I want the woman who wears this design to feel free and liberated to move while she passionately enjoys life’s moments of fun, laughter and confidence.

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