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Alvan Tan – A Passionate Silence

Name: Alvan Tan

Age: 28

From: Dublin

My Garment: A bodysuit and crinoline skirt with tree and rock pieces printed on.

What Style Means To Me: I believe that ‘style’ hides deep inside each of us and is waiting for us to discover and cultivate it.

My Concept: The inspiration for my garment came from Jane O’Sullivan’s work that exhibited at the Talbot Gallery, Dublin in July 2014. Jane O’Sullivan is an Irish artist who living and working in the west of Ireland. Her work bears so much loss and darkness. This is similar to the ‘style’ that hides deep inside ourselves and is waiting for us to discover and cultivate it. Most of the elements in the design are inspired by the picture from the collection which shows a wooden box containing a white stoneware sculpture, fabric flower, bog myrtle tree, found porcelain and metal objects, coral, shell, red thread, wooden box and cotton fabric.

The concept of the design is to create a simple and slim silhouette with printed motifs. Tree and rock piece motifs are intended to bring out the message about ‘cultivation’. Strap and mesh wires are layered on the motifs to create the mystery of individuality. Colour palettes of the design are white, pink and earth tone brown. Pink adds femininity whereas white as foundation colour to resemble a considered and careful space.

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