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Ashley Shepherd – Modern Twisted Origami

Name: Ashley Shepherd

Age: 25

From: Buckie, Morayshire, Scotland

My Garment: A skirt inspired by the art of Japanese origami art.

What Style Means To Me: To me, for a woman to feel stylish, it is important that she feels confident, comfortable, beautiful and most importantly, the master of her own destiny. In the words of Coco Chanel “Fashions may fade but style is eternal.”

My Concept: I have blended constructive, geometric and organic elements of origami to create clever and exciting pieces, which are just as special as the empowered woman who owns them.  The skirt, which is made from durable, flexible faux leather, utilises geometrical figures its basis. It also uses aspects of origami such as folding and creasing to build the structure. After extensive research I decided to use light and dreamy pastel shades for this skirt as this alludes softness and sophistication. My original colour palette included milky pink, baby blue, creamy white and hewish yellow but my final piece will be lilac purple.  Purple combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red.  It is also associated with luxury, power and ambition, which I think is very fitting for the stylish lady.

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