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Ashling Smith – Bird of Paradise

Name: Ashling Smith

Age: 34

From: Romford, Essex

Design Title: Bird of Paradise

How do you feel about being a finalist in the 2016 Fashion Design Competition?: I feel very grateful to part and take in this creativity exploration in my local community. This on-going fashion event is a vital opportunity for designers to showcase their work in a professional manner and express their creativity in an environment with local people and businesses. This collaboration is an ideal platform for designers to present their work.

What does ‘style’ mean to you?: Style for me is everlasting. “When a person takes pride in their individual style and shows a personality that is unique”. I love the stylish men and woman who don’t follow trends and who have capsule collections in their wardrobe, which are versatile for the “time and place”.

Who is your style icon?: My brother Thomas Smith and sister Bernie Kellett are my style icons. I also admire Vivienne Westwood and Comme de Garcons.

Please summarise the concept behind your design in one sentence: My concept was inspired by an old unwanted man’s shirt and portrays reconstruction techniques, put together in a tailored manner, to enhance the feminine shape, and give a bird like silhouette.

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