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Casey Kelly – Inspired by Native American Culture

Name: Casey Kelly

Age: 18

From: Romford, Essex

My Garment: A long dress inspired by Native American culture.

What Style Means To Me: Style to me means being experimental with fashion and being confident with what you wear. Also not being scared to try something new and expresses who you are and your personality.

My Concept: My inspiration for this design was based around Native American culture. During my research on this I decided I wanted to focus on feathers, fringe, embellishment and colour used by the Native Americans and how they are used not only in garment but also in furnishing and interiors, which I took reference from this when designing. I have used a colour palette of olive green, orange, navy and purple. The first garment I designed was a long fringe dress that I wanted to have three different colour blocks, going from orange, olive green and navy. I then wanted a black cross strap to hold the dress up at the top. I took into consideration not only my references and inspiration but also the climate that I was designing these for which was spring/ summer.

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