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Danielle Osammor – Modern Day Jumpsuit

Name: Danielle Osammor

Age: 22

From: London

My Garment: Two-piece jumpsuit made for the modern day woman.

What Style Means To Me: Style means the freedom to express ones self through fashion. Women since the 1950’s are much freer in what they wear; this has inspired my idea of jumpsuits. Not only that, jumpsuits are one of the biggest fashion trends in the industry since the 1980s and they are both conventional and comfortable.

My Concept: From my inspiration of the 1950’s garment silhouette and drapery and also modern day jumpsuits, I have decided to create a garment that portrays both eras. I will be using the ideas gathered from my research to create a unique garment. The colours I have chosen to use for the garment are black and white, as this will allow for more attention to be drawn to detailing on the garment.

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