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Kimberly Irvine – Classic Glamour

Name: Kimberly Irvine

Age: 20

From: Hamilton, Scotland

My Garment: A fitted mermaid style dress with an off the shoulder neckline.

What Style Means To Me: When I think about the word style I think about classic glamorous women, who dressed like women in beautiful dresses and knew exactly what style was.

My Concept: I have tried to put together all the things I love from these eras to create an elegant and glamorous dress that show this classic style. My design is a fitted mermaid style dress, with an off the shoulder neckline as I feel this gives it a modern feel, this is going to be made out of tulle and the dress will be crepe with a lace overlay, under the dress is going to be layers of tulle that hang longer than the dress so that this is quite a big feature of the dress.

For the colour of the dress I have decided on blues as I feel it is quite on trend at the moment and I also feel it can be quite soft and feminine, in particular the shades I am going for. The crepe is going to be a light blue and the lace and tulle darker shades to contrast and stand out.

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