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Mahfuj Sheikh – Inspired by Survival

Name: Mahfuj Sheikh

Age: 19

From: Romford, Essex

My Garment: A dress inspired by survival.

What Style Means To Me: Fashion and style to me are a way of life, a form of art which I have learnt to admire and one in which I aim to astound.

My Concept: I am a survivor, I’ve learnt to adapt to my surroundings and prosper and become stronger. My family is my backbone and support system. My inspiration for studying Fashion came from my family, the art of tailoring runs through our veins. Both my parents have years of experience in the fashion world and this helped me start my own Indian Designer wear Boutique, My skills lie in Designing and the business side to creating a successfully fashion brand/company. Through my own company, I have traded both regionally and internationally to select and manufacture quality Indian designer wear pieces for all ages and genders. The concept behind my garment is survival. Birds are the perfect representation of survival in my mind as they have prehistoric roots. My garment captures the elegance of the bird and portrays its resilience and survival skills and how it co exists with the beauty and survival of the human race – more specifically the modern woman.

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