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Okechukwu Atuanya – ATUANYA – Meguguavatar Devotion

Name: Okechukwu Atuanya

Age: 14

From: Tilbury, Essex

My Garment: A dystopian inspired turtleneck overalls with a lightweight jacket.

What Style Means To Me: Style to me is about individuality and originality through minimalistic fashion. Fashion houses now just repeat past designs only changing the colour, or stick to safe outfits so they don’t rock the boat. I want to capsize they boat of normality and offer a new, modern range of minimalistic fashion.

My Concept: Over the past six months, I have been moved by dystopian culture – a society characterised by human misery such as squalor, oppression, disease and overcrowding – and I have drawn inspiration from films such as Divergent and The Hunger Games, as well as celebrities like Kanye West. Imagine London after a rebel uprising or during anarchy where there is no time to shop for flashy clothing? Food is rationed and fabric is drained of vibrant colours leaving people to wear greys and blacks. Creativity will stem from minimalism. My garments are practical and wearable, while retaining creativity. I added elastic ribbing to the knees of trousers so you could crawl under flaming cars and run from rebel forces with ease. I believe that my designs are original and unique to anything anyone else is doing right now.

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