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Philomena Sarpong – Ferns and Feathers

Name: Philomena Sarpong

Age: 29

From: Dagenham, Essex

My Garment: A dress made of beads and pearls, taking inspiration from ferns and feathers

What Style Means To Me: Style, to me, is about the expression of uniqueness, elegance and how the surface of the garment is decorated. I like sophisticated outfits that are wearable and decent.

My Concept: I have translated the tails of birds and ferns into embellishment with beads and pearls. Designers like Alexander McQueen have used bird feathers in many ways but I wanted mine to be different, which is why I have chosen bird tails and ferns to represent via the beading technique to make it stand out. I have chosen a vibrant and golden palette because the colours I have selected provide a rich look for evening wear.

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