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Simi Bakre: Amira

Name: Simi Bakre

Age: 34

From: London

Design Title: Amira

How do you feel about being a finalist in the 2016 Fashion Design Competition?: I am so excited about being a finalist in the 2016 Fashion Design Competition. It means a lot to me to participate because it is proof that you should follow your dreams and not give up, no matter your age or experience. My journey with fashion so far has been very unconventional. Being a finalist represents another destination in that journey and I can’t wait for the experiences that this will bring; so I feel honoured to be a finalist!

What does ‘style’ mean to you?: My definition of style is a personal expression of someone’s personality, emotions and subconscious which is captured not just in the way they dress, but also in other forms of self expression and how they project their inner self to the outside world.

Who is your style icon?: I find it difficult to name a style icon because I feel that style is personal and can evolve and change depending on so many external factors. I draw inspiration from people on the street, in my family, on the news etc, because when we really  look, style is around us everywhere.

Please summarise the concept behind your design in one sentence: My design represents my cultural influences in a fusion of African fabric with Western silhouettes, in a way that is accessible and wearable for people of all cultures; encouraging togetherness and embracing each other’s cultures and then merging the best features of multiculturalism to liberate your own unique style.

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