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Tegan Ellis-McNabb – Romantic Fabric Manipulation

Name: Tegan Ellis-McNabb

Age: 21

From: Greasby, Merseyside

My Garment: A dress featuring fabric manipulation and on-trend tassels.

What Style Means To Me: My style is inspired by fashion houses that are about high quality, while also dripping with creativity, romance, femininity and décor. Stylish garments should embody all of these things, while also being contemporary meeting the needs of real, modern women.

My Concept: Through trend reports, I saw that tassels featured heavily in S/S15 collections, which is why I chose to incorporate them into my garment. For my garment has been designed to bring together tradition and modern artistic elements such as romantic fabric manipulation and graphic dyeing. I chose to stay away from the saturated and generic mass production lines and focus more on utilising hand crafted designs. I’ve researched and sampled different fabric manipulation techniques and worked on the model-stand with them to try and visually inspire ideas for garment structure and décor placement, in order to conclude what the ideal manipulation and silhouette for my garment would be.

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